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Toxins: Why You Should Cleanse for Life

            Long-term protection from toxins can be achieved by living a nutritional cleansing lifestyle. Every day we’re continually exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the items we touch. Learning more about these potentially harmful chemicals can be critical for making decisions to protect long-term health. As with any subject, toxins are best understood through a little history. Toxins—or xenobiotics—have always been part of the natural environment. Many of them {Read More}

Creating a Keepsake Box

        Creating a Keepsake Box with the family is lots of fun, everyone can do it. 1. Find a box that you feel a special connection with. The keepsake box can be made of cardboard, wood, plastic or just about any kind of material that will stand the test of time, including many days in a grandmother attic! The keepsake box should be large enough to accommodate lots of different sized artifacts. For some people, an old-fashioned {Read More}

Six through Eight-Year-Olds Stages & Steps

          Six, seven, & eight-year-olds build on the important developments of the first 6 years of life and seem to settle down to a steadier pace of growing and learning. Young school-age children are interested in real life tasks including activities, pretend including fantasy lessen considerably. School-agers want to make “real” jewelry, take “real” photographs, & create “real” collections. School-age children have longer attention spans. They are more likely to stick with things until the project is finished, {Read More}