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Taming the Temper Tantrum

Every mom has experienced them, and if you’re not at that stage yet…just wait! The stroke of the clock that ushers in your child’s toddler years also starts the ruthless era of the temper tantrum. Patty Onderko from helped us figure out the rationale behind your child’s emotional explosions. Good Lord, can’t they just behave? Well, it turns out, no, they can’t just behave. According to research, kids spanning the ages of 18 months to four years are practically {Read More}

How Much Vitamin C Do You Really Need?

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid (ascorbate), is the most frequently taken dietary supplement in North America. Yet, despite its widespread use, national surveys report that 15 percent of the population still doesn’t get enough vitamin C to meet recommended amounts for health. Initially, the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C was set at 60 milligrams, the amount required to prevent scurvy. The deficiency disease commonly characterized by bleeding gums and loosened teeth helped identify the vitamin as having an {Read More}

Omega-3 supplement is a Natural Skin Saver

          A new study reports IsaOmega Supreme fatty acids may help guard against UV rays. by Marilyn Territo, C.E, C.M. With summer almost here, you and your family members should have a safe-sun plan in place. Make sure you apply sunscreen daily to exposed areas of the skin. This should be a year-round practice. When you are doing outdoor activities, ensure that all exposed areas are adequately covered with sunscreen. If you plan a day in {Read More}